One Water Webinar

Event Date: 
Thursday, December 7, 2017
Event Type: 
Non-NEHA Event

One of the most exciting paradigm shifts in One Water management is the integration of smaller onsite systems that collect, treat, and reuse water within individual buildings or at the local scale. As an emerging innovation, the success of onsite non-potable water systems depends on strong collaboration between municipal utilities and public health agencies to ensure projects protect public  health and meet water quality standards. To help advance the use of ONWS, the National Blue Ribbon Commission for Onsite Non-potable Water Systems—convened by the US Water Alliance, Water Research Foundation, and the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation—released a guidebook for developing and implementing local and state regulations for these type of onsite reuse systems. Based on best-in-class science and research, this guidebook will help advance a consistent national approach to the regulation and management of ONWS. In this One Water Webinar, we’ll bring together public health and water utility leaders from the National Blue Ribbon Commission to discuss the contents of the guidebook and how it can be used in local jurisdictions across the country.


Paula Kehoe, ‎Director of Water Resources, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Anita Anderson, Principal Engineer, Minnesota Department of Health Jacqueline Taylor, Director, Environmental Protection Branch, County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health (tentative) 

Contact Name: 
Suzi Warren
U.S. Water Alliance
(202) 789-7751