NSF, ANSI and Standards: The Who, What and Why

Event Date: 
Tuesday, December 29, 2020
Event Type: 
Non-NEHA Event


The demands on environmental health regulatory agencies to do more with less have persisted for many years and the scope and detail of work continues to grow. Concurrently, a desire for uniformity has developed across both the regulatory and industry landscapes. The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) was created back in the 1940s to assist in tackling these issues and to provide support to environmental health agencies whenever possible.

Today, NSF International has developed over 85 NSF/ANSI standards with many in use today to ensure drinking water, food equipment, recreational water products, and wastewater treatment systems are safe and effective. Additionally, the testing and certification to the standards serves to ease the burden on regulators that are required to evaluate products for code compliance. However, despite their use by regulatory agencies many EH professionals are not aware of what national consensus standards are, how they are developed, and their value in in protecting public health. This short webinar is designed to inform and educate on these issues, highlight areas where the use of NSF/ANSI standards has been successful, and how they may help solve some current issues facing environmental health regulatory agencies.

Date: December 29, 2020
Time: 1:00 - 1:30 PM EST


Contact Name: 
Derek DeLand
NSF International
(734) 418-6683