NEHA Supporter Spotlight: Oyetunde Adukanle

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Wednesday, February 9, 2022 - 15:45
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Lexi Nally
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Here at NEHA, we cherish the support we continuously receive from our members, partners, and all other professionals in the field. We value the passion, dedication, and solidarity our supporters exemplify. To recognize those who choose to donate and endorse the future of our professional association, we are sharing the stories and aspirations of our supporters. We hope you'll become inspired by their thoughtful words and unwavering commitment as they partner with us to propel the advancement of our mission to build, sustain, and empower an effective environmental health workforce.

Read on to meet a generous NEHA donor, Oyetunde Adukanle, Health and Building Inspector originally from Nigeria, now in the U.S. living his dream of "making people safe through what they eat, live, or do."

NEHA: What inspired you to give to our organization?

Oyetunde: NEHA is an organization that contributes in an immense way to various public health issues facing our world today through different participation of experts from various field, so I feel obligated to show some form of solidarity, no matter how little it may be, to these great minds using science in provision of safe and health environment for all.

NEHA: How would you describe our mission and what it means to you?

Oyetunde: When I immigrated from Nigeria about 14 years ago, things were not easy so I was looking for a way to integrate myself into the system, having MSc in food science and technology back home, that is how I stumbled on NEHA so I decided to earn the CP-FS Certification and a Food Safety Certification - I have this dream of making people safe through what they eat, live, or do. However, I quickly realized that I need more than the CP-FS credential, so I earned the REHS/RS credential which eventually landed me a Health Inspector job in my current city, where I have recently also accepted the new role of a Building Inspector.

NEHA: What aspects of our work interest you the most?

Oyetunde: I have a strong passion for the roles I am playing every day. Therefore, the more I interact with the association clearer my ambition is coming to fruition. Every role NEHA is playing is of utmost important to me.

NEHA: What do you believe would most transform environmental and public health?

Oyetunde: What we need to do is increase awareness, show the world our value, and ensure that people who practice as environmental scientists have NEHA credentials. 

NEHA: What would you like to pass on to future generations?

Oyetunde: Encourage future generations to join in the noble task of keeping people safe. I'm sure good pay will encourage future generations to come on board.


Thank you, Oyetunde, for following your dream of joining the environmental health workforce, and for supporting an organization dedicated to empowering YOU!

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