Volunteer for a NEHA Committee

What are Program Committees?

NEHA is looking for environmental health professionals to serve as volunteers on the following program committees:

  • Vectors and Public Health Pests

Committee members must be a NEHA member in good standing. NEHA will review the applications and select members. 

What will Program Committees do?

NEHA program committees provide guidance, input and expertise to NEHA leadership and program staff, fellow environmental health professionals and partner organizations on environmental health policies and programs. Each committee will be comprised of about 9-11 local, state, tribal, federal, academic and private industry environmental health professionals. They will help NEHA better understand what is happening in the field and on the ground, help with projects identified by the committee, write and revise policy statements and position papers, provide suggestions for website content, create and revise fact sheets and other resources, etc.

What is the time commitment?

The estimated time commitment is a few hours a month and includes at least one conference call per month (in the early stages of the committee), work in between meetings, and work on sub-committees as appropriate. Volunteers are expected to commit for two years with an option to continue for a second two-year term.

Why volunteer?

This is an opportunity for NEHA to work more closely with its members, and we hope that you will consider this opportunity to serve your association in this capacity. We need YOUR voice!