Tribal Water Program Improvement Resource Kit

Tribal Water Program Improvement Resource Kit

The resources collected below can be useful in creating or improving private drinking water programs. 

For environmental health professionals or homeowners that are new to private drinking water wells, we recommend taking free Private Well Class. The Private Well Class is being provided to NEHA at no-charge by the Illinois State Water Survey and the Illinois Water Resources Center at the University of Illinois. The funding for the Private Well Class program comes from the USEPA through a cooperative agreement with the Rural Community Assistance Partnership. Originally intended for well owners, this course has proven to be a resource for EH professionals for basic well and groundwater understanding. The class consists of 10 courses that can be taken in sequence or individually and are eligible for one (1) CE each from NEHA.

Community Outreach & Risk Communication

Methods of Effective Homeowner Outreach

Well Water Community Action Toolkit


Protection Our Water: Preventing Contamination 

Source Water Assessment & Protection 

Partnership & Stakeholder Development

Partnership Contact List

Potential Stakeholders

Stakeholder Mapping

Policy & Regulation Development

Drafting Tribal Public Health Law & Policy

Components of a Local Well Construction Ordinances

Private Well Testing & Test Interpretation

Interpreting Test Results

Private Well Testing - Connecticut

Program Development

Community Environmental Health Assessments

Community Environmental Health Assessment Toolbox - New Mexico

Indian Community Health Profile Project Toolkit

Protocol for Assessing Community Excellence in Environmental Health (PACE EH)

Performance Standards

Core Competencies for Environmental Health Professionals

Environmental Public Health Perfomance Standards 2.0

Program Assessment

Environmental Health Program Assessment Tool

Private Drinking Water Program Assessment Tool

Quality Improvement

Roadmap to Culture of Quality Improvement


Technical Resources

Arsenic Contamination Removal

Coliform and Bacteria in Private Wells

Nitrates in Drinking Water Wells

PFOA & PFOS Advisory

Private Well Disinfection 

Private Well Flood Recovery

Radium in Drinking Water

EH Topics: