Regional Strategy to Address Bedbugs: Diverse Partnership Model for Addressing Emerging PH Issues

A re-emergence of bedbugs and resultant impacts on community resources led to the convening of a “Bedbug Summit." Attendees represented professionals from a broad spectrum of affected sectors including housing providers, homeless-shelters, education, pest control services, public health, waste stream management, and social services. During the summit, this group worked together and identified collaborative approaches to address bedbugs in the region. The resulting Bed Bug Workgroup has made significant achievements including successful advocacy for additional funding, launching an information telephone hotline, developing a multi-lingual educational clearinghouse website, and identification of a collaborative surveillance system that protects pest control operators and the communities they serve. Attend this session to learn about how engaging nontraditional partners results in more robust environmental health outcomes and apply a community organizing model to emergent public health issues.

Speaker / Author: 
Matt Davis, MPH
Christie  Sweitz, REHS
Month Year: 
July 2015