Dual Home Screening and Tailored Environmental Feedback to Reduce Radon and Secondhand Smoke: An Exploratory Study

Article Abstract

Combined exposure to secondhand (SHS) smoke and radon increases lung cancer risk 10-fold. The authors assessed the feasibility and impact of a brief home screening and environmental feedback intervention to reduce radon and SHS (Freedom from Radon and Smoking in the Home [FRESH]) and measured perceived risk of lung cancer and synergistic risk perception (SHS x radon). Participants (N = 50) received home radon and SHS kits and completed baseline surveys. Test results were shared using an intervention guided by the Teachable Moment Model. Half of the participants completed online surveys two months later. Most (76%) returned the radon test kits; 48% returned SHS kits. Of the returned radon test kits, 26% were >4.0 pCi/L. Of the returned SHS kits, 38% had nicotine >.1 μg/m3. Of those with high radon, more than half had contacted a mitigation specialist or planned contact. Of those with positive air nicotine, 75% had adopted smoke-free homes. A significant increase occurred in perceived risk for lung cancer and synergistic risk perception after FRESH. 

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Ellen J. Hahn, RN, PhD, FAAN
Mary Kay Rayens, PhD
Sarah E. Kercsmar, PhD
Sarah M. Adkins, MS
Ashton Potter Wright, MPH
Heather E. Robertson, MPA
Gwendolyn Rinker, MPH, PhD, APRN
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Jan/Feb 2014
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