RPSS: Continuing Education

The 2022 Retail Program Standards Symposium (RPSS) provided attendees the opportunity to earn Continuing Education (CE) hours, in a variety of educational topic areas. Attendees may earn CE hours, potentially enough to meet their full 2-year NEHA Professional credential requirement. CEs can be fulfilled by attending:
  • Keynote Address & General Sessions 
  • Track Sessions
  • Sessions via the recorded sessions on-demand after the RPSS has concluded

Attendees have the opportunity to earn up to 9 CE Contact Hours. 

View the FAQs and schedule below to see all the available CE options. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How many CE credits can I earn for attending the RPSS?
The maximum number of CEs for the RPSS is 9.0 hours.

If you did not attend or watch the entire event, please count only the time you spent watching the educational session. The Exhibit Hall Sessions, Closing Sessions, and Breaks do not count towards CE hours. One hour of time spent learning equals one CE Contact Hour.

I have a NEHA credential (CCFS, CFOI®, CFSSA®, CIOWTS, CP-FS®, HHS, REHS/RS®), how should I submit the hours from this Symposium?
Submit the total number of hours attended using your MyNEHA account. Login with your User ID and Password. Under the 'Credentials & Exams' tab, look for ‘Self-Report CEU Credits.’ Complete the 'Report/Edit CE Credits' form.

Submit your CE Contact Hours as one line item titled “2022 Retail Program Standards Symposium,” on the 'Report/Edit CE Credits' form and enter the total number of hours attended. You will receive an automatic CE tracking email, post live event or immediately following the completion of viewing the recorded sessions, which will contain your total hours attended/viewed. Please note the maximum CEs for the RPSS is 9.0.

Can I enter in my continuing education online if I do not hold a NEHA credential? 
No, this is available only to those that hold a NEHA credential. 

I have a ____ credential from ____ state. What do I need to do to get credit with them?
You need to speak with your individual state or whomever manages your credential and submit your hours to them in the manner they instruct you to. Other organizations that have credentials might not accept this Symposium as continuing education.

My state/organization requires that I send them a certificate showing I attended, where do I get that?
An automatic CE tracking email will be sent to all attendees that attend after the conclusion of the Symposium, or after viewing the recorded sessions. In order to receive credit for attending a session, attendees must be logged into the session for at least 90% of the session.

When entering my hours in the 'Report/Edit CE Credits' form, do I need to list each session separately?
No, submit as one line item titled “2022 Retail Program Standards Symposium” on your Report/Edit CE Credits form and enter the grand total number of hours (up to 9.0).

If I was not able to attend, can I access recorded sessions? 
Yes, you can access virtual recorded sessions with your MyNEHA account. The sessions can be found on the NEHA.org under the 'Store' tab or here: Retail Program Standards Symposium Recorded Sessions

These sessions will be available as of July 5th, 2022. 

Can I earn CE Hours by watching the recorded sessions? 
Yes, you can earn CE Contact Hours by watching the recorded sessions. You may earn upto a maximum of 9.0 hours.

How do I get a certificate when I watch the recorded sessions? 
An automatic CE tracking email will be sent to you right after you view the recorded sessions.

Educational Sessions 

See below for a summary of the sessions presented at the 2022 RPSS:

June 7 Sessions

12–2 pm: Welcome Message, Keynote Address, and General Session | 2 Contact Hours
  • Keynote Address
  • FDA Panel facilitated by State/Local Regulator
  • Getting Buy-In of SLTT Decision-Makers and Staff 
2:15–3:15 pm: Track Sessions | 1 Contact Hour
  • Track 1: Roadmap for Success with RPS; Why enroll in RPS?
  • Track 2: Technology to Assist with Maintenance of RPS Records/Supporting Docs
  • Track 3: Sustaining RPS Activities/Having a Succession Plan  

June 8 Sessions

12–2 pm: Welcome Message and General Session | 2 Contact Hours
  • Public Health Metric/Risk Factor Study
  • Successful Intervention Strategies 
2:15–3:15 PM: Track Sessions | 1 Contact Hour 
  • Track 1: What is initial Self-Assessment; SA/VA Gap Analysis Tool; Continuous Strategic Improvement Plan (CSIP) 
  • Track 2: Self-Assessment & Verification Audit Resources; How to Find an Auditor
  • Track 3: Mentorship Program 

June 9 Sessions

12–2 pm: Welcome Message and General Session | 2 Contact Hours
  • NEHA-FDA RFFM Grant Portal; Deliverables
  • Successful Grant Writing
  • Facilitated Panel Discussion including Regulators, Industry, Consumer Advocacy Representative, etc. to discuss what has been shared during this RPSS that is important to Stakeholders
2:15–3:15 PM: Track Sessions | 1 Contact Hour 
  • Track 1: Mentorship Programs
  • Track 2: What Does a Retail Program Standards Coordinator Do?
  • Track 3: RPS Networks/Champions 
See Continuing Education for information on credits for other organizations and for the California REHS program.
For more information on the RPSS, e-mail rpss@neha.org.