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Food Safety Legislation and Policy Trends Webinar

During the 2022 legislative session, policymakers made substantive changes in the manner food is prepared and sold in this country, and Congress oversaw and funded the food safety efforts at the FDA, USDA and CDC. 

This 1-hour webinar with our food safety and government affairs teams will review the laws passed and appropriations funded regarding food safety at both the state and federal level.

Date: September 13
Time: 2 pm ET


How NSF Food Equipment Standards Approach Cleaning and Sanitizing

The cleaning and sanitizing of food equipment and utensils is top-five risk factor for foodborne illness.

Join this 1-hour webinar to discuss the NSF food equipment standards and:

  • Key elements of dish machine testing and certification
  • Cleanability aspects of hygienic design
  • Clean-in-place (CIP)
  • Heat treatment systems

The webinar is brought to you by our Business and Industry Affiliate.

Date: September 15
Time: 12 pm ET 


Coordinating Across Sectors for EH Preparedness

This 1-hour webinar will address the successes and challenges of coordinating across sectors to enhance preparedness and response to environmental health disasters.

The webinar is brought to you by our Preparedness Committee in observance of September as National Preparedness Month.

Date: September 22
Time: 3 pm ET 


Conflict De-Escalation With Alicia Love

Conflict is inevitable. Join us to learn skills on how to resolve and manage these difficult situations.

Presenter Alicia Love, Acting Bureau Chief, Food Safety Officer, EIAO, Montana Department of Livestock/Meat & Poultry Inspection will discuss:

  • Fight or flight responses
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Circle of control
  • Guidance for de-escalating situations

The session also includes practice scenarios to learn valuable strategies to help you feel more comfortable de-escalating conflict. 

Date: October 4
Time: 4 pm ET 



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Wednesday, September 7, 2022