NEHA Signs WHO Call to Action on Climate Change

NEHA Signs World Health Organization (WHO)  Climate Agreement Call for Action

NEHA invites all health professionals to join WHO on the  call to action for a strong and effective climate agreement that will save lives both now and in the future and for a climate change agreement that promotes the following:

  • Strong and effective action to limit climate change and avoid unacceptable risks to global health.
  • Scaling up of financing for adaptation to climate change including public health measures to reduce the risks from extreme weather events, infectious disease, diminishing water supplies, and food insecurity.
  • Actions that both reduce climate change and improve health, including reducing the number of deaths from cancer and respiratory and cardiovascular diseases that are caused by air pollution.

WHO’s call to action, which NEHA has signed, is being presented at COP21.

Release Date: 
Thursday, December 10, 2015
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