NEHA: Bringing Awareness to Climate Change

NEHA Celebrates National Public Health Week 

NEHA is bringing attention to the relationship between climate change and environmental health. Environmental health professionals are improving and protecting the public’s health today and for future generations. NEHA’s executive director believes that environmental health can create and sustain healthy communities by limiting carbon pollution from power plants, factory farms and others by limiting these climate change inducing emissions.

NEHA goes a step further and strives to provide educational resources for those interested in learning more about climate change and its relationship with environmental health. We do this by offering educational sessions at the NEHA 2016 AEC and HUD Healthy Homes Conference, presented by Green & Healthy Homes Initiative, while also giving people the ability to download sessions related to climate change from the NEHA 2015 AEC.  

View EnVIROnmental Health Saves Lives Infographic

Visit NEHA’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages as well as the NEHA website for updates and additional information about National Public Health Week. 

Release Date: 
Monday, April 4, 2016
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