EPA Tools and Resources Webinar: EnviroAtlas

Event Date: 
Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Event Type: 
Non-NEHA Event

EnviroAtlas is a web-based decision support tool that combines maps, analysis tools, downloadable data and informational resources that states, tribes, communities and individuals can use to help inform policy and planning decisions that impact the places where people live, learn, work and play.

EnviroAtlas contains two primary tools: An Interactive Map, which provides access to 300+ ecosystem-related maps developed by EPA researchers and an Eco-Health Relationship Browser, which displays evidence from hundreds of scientific publications on the linkages between ecosystems, the services they provide, and human health.

The EnviroAtlas Interactive Map provides data for multiple extents for the U.S. and was created to help inform decisions, research and education.

EnviroAtlas has been used in a range of research and planning projects, including community Health Impact Assessments, green infrastructure projects, restoration planning, brownfield redevelopment and others. EnviroAtlas resources are also being used in K-12 to undergraduate classrooms: a provided EnviroAtlas educational curriculum helps guide educators on potential uses.

EnviroAtlas has been publicly available since May 2014 and was updated in June 2017 to include a new, more user-friendly version of the Interactive Map.

Who should attend?

Local governments, communities, planners, researchers, educators, state environmental and health agencies, tribes, stakeholders and others interested in learning about how to use EnviroAtlas in real-world contexts

To join the webinar, please register: http://epawebconferencing.acms.com/enviroatlasregister/event/registration.html

If you are unable to listen through your computer speakers, please dial:

1-866-299-3188. Access Code: 202-564-6669. Please note telephone lines are muted during the webinar.

Contact Name: 
Bailey Stearns
US Environmental Protection Agency
(919) 541-4010