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Environmental Health Professionals: Your Army of Unseen Protectors

Who makes sure that our food, water, air, homes, and communities are safe? We know that it’s environmental health professionals, but to most people, our work goes unnoticed. Fortunately, Americans trust that their water is safe to drink, or that the restaurant they are eating from is clean, but they don’t consider how that happens.

2021 Yankee Conference on Environmental Health


This year the CT Environmental Health Association is hosting our annual Yankee Conference on Environmental Health. It is described as the “premier gathering of environmental health professionals from throughout the northeast. Its purpose is to provide the latest information on environmental topics….”. The event is being held at the Fox Tower Conference Center on September 22-24, 2021. The theme is "The Herculean Effort of Environmental Health".
Registration information and agenda can be found at


NEHA Climate Health Adaptation & Mitigation Partnership (CHAMP) Program

NEHA Climate Health Adaptation and 

Mitigation Partnership (CHAMP) Program 

We are excited to unveil our new NEHA CHAMP program and strategic framework. Through the development and implementation of this program, we seek to encourage and support local jurisdictions as they identify their unique climate-related health risks, develop responsive climate adaptation plans, and implement targeted adaptation actions to protect their communities from climate change-related environmental health hazards.

Through the NEHA CHAMP program, we encourage local jurisdictions to become climate champions who actively support local climate and health-related environmental health programming. More specifically, jurisdictions will become NEHA Climate CHAMPs as they work through the various phases and activities of the program framework (as seen in the figure to the right).

The program will share lessons learned and stories of impact while making resources available and accessible to jurisdictions throughout the nation to help meet the needs of their constituents who are adversely impacted by the health effects of climate change.

The NEHA CHAMP program encourages local jurisdictional progress toward meeting Healthy People 2030 objectives, promotes health equity by raising awareness of how climate change-associated EH hazards disproportionately impact the health of various communities and population groups, and helps to advance CDC's Building Resilience Against Climate Effects (BRACE) framework by including the completion of the five steps as part of the CHAMP program activity requirements.





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