Occurrence of Nitrate and Indicators of Agricultural and Septic System Contamination in a West Central Wisconsin Sand Aquifer


Fertilizers, manure, and septic effluent are potential sources of nitrate in groundwater. Nitrate can be harmful if ingested above the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency maximum contaminant level of 10 mg/L. In Eau Claire County, located in West Central Wisconsin, approximately one quarter of households rely on private wells. Sources of nitrate in private wells in Eau Claire County have not been researched previously.

Environmental Engineering, Water & Wastewater (Sixth Edition)

Updated and reviewed by leading experts in the field, this revised edition offers new coverage of industrial solid wastes utilization and disposal, the use of surveying in environmental engineering and land use planning, and environmental assessment. Stressing the practicality and appropriateness of treatment, the sixth edition provides realistic solutions for the practicing public health official or environmental engineer.

Quantifying Rates of Denitrification in the Biozone and Shallow Subsurface

In recent years nitrogen in the environment has become a nationwide concern due to the sensitivity of many water bodies to excess nitrogen loading from many different sources, including Onsite Wastewater Systems (OWS). Complimentary to the Florida Onsite Sewage Nitrogen Reduction Strategies study, the Colorado School of Mines evaluated denitrification via subsurface via a soil treatment unit (STU). This presentation will share the rates of denitrification achieved and how to substantially increase them.

Planning and Installing Sustainable Onsite Wastewater Systems

Covering technical principles and practical applications, this comprehensive resource explains how to design and construct sound and sustainable decentralized wastewater systems of varying sizes and in different geophysical conditions. This book covers state-of-the-art techniques, materials, and industry practices, and provides detailed explanations for why certain approaches result in more sustainable projects.